Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart

The two departments Energy ( and Geoinformatics of the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences have pooled their competencies to implement the development of this new interdisciplinary simulation environment.

The international and enthusiastic team combines their knowledge in the fields of building physics, renewable energy technology, geoinformatics and software development:


Das IT-Unternehmen M.O.S.S

M.O.S.S. has developed extensive geotopography & 3D know-how, software solutions for environmental management, web solutions and acquisition methods since its foundation in 1987.

His experienced team consists of software developers and consultants:


Das Unternehmen GEF Ingenieur AG

The company GEF Ingenieur AG develops economical solutions in the fields of energy, media and environmental technology. Especially their expertise in hydraulic network simulation is valuable in this project.

The team consists of the highly qualified simulation experts:


Stadtwerke Mainz


Stadtwerke Stuttgart