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INSEL is a powerful simulation software, used in the background of many SimStadt workflowsteps. See how to install INSEL.

INSEL has been written by Dr. Jürgen Schumacher. Sadly, Jürgen passed away in 2020. INSEL is still in active development, currently by:

  • Kai Brassel
  • Guillermo Gutierrez
  • Eric Duminil

INSEL® is a blockdiagram simulation system for programming applications from the entire renewable energy sector. INSEL is mainly designed for engineering and other firms working on large and complex energy projects and is ideal for use in research and education.

INSEL offers users ready-made simulation models for a quick start. But users can design completely new models for all kinds of system applications with the help of the comfortable and powerful INSEL graphics editor. In addition, INSEL offers a unique interface for the extension of the block libraries in programming languages like Fortran and C/C++. i The big palette of INSEL blocks can be combined with all MATLAB® & Simulink® features and offers a huge repertoire of model components for a variety of simulation applications.

More information about the project is available at HfT Gitlab. Until INSEL 8.2, the project webpage was hosted at