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Create SimStadt Model


  • Creates a SimStadtModel with its SimStadtBuildings, from a CityDoctorModel
  • SimStadtBuildings are created with many placeholders for attributes which will be calculated and needed in the following steps, e.g. Usage Zones, PhysicsProperties, SpatialProperties, ...

Technical information

Class CreateSimStadtModel
Superclass WorkflowStep, SimStadtModel, Void>
Source location simstadt/src/main/java/eu/simstadt/workflowsteps/
Package eu.simstadt.workflowsteps
Project simstadt



Assignment Strategy (assignmentStrategy)

  • PreferBuildingPartsOverBuilding: If a building consists of building parts, the building itself and each part are converted to separate SimStadtBuildings.

  • JustTheBuildings: Only the buildings are converted to SimStadtBuildings. Building parts are ignored.

  • Type : Strategy
  • Default : PreferBuildingPartsOverBuilding
  • Possible values : PreferBuildingPartsOverBuilding, JustTheBuildings
  • Getter : getAssignmentStrategy()
  • Setter : setAssignmentStrategy(Strategy)

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