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Physics Preprocessor


  • Discards buildings for which year of construction is not defined
  • Determines building type (e.g. single-family house, high tower, ...) depending on the chosen strategy (e.g. for German or NYC buildings)
  • Loads either the default building physics library or a custom one, created with PhysicsLibraryEditor
  • Assigns global properties (e.g. storey height, thermal bridge U-value, infiltration rate...) to each building depending on building type, year of construction and refurbishment variant (e.g. standard or EnEV2016).
  • Assigns construction type, U-value and window ratio to every surface
  • If desired, an outdated CityGML file can be statistically updated with an assessment scenario : e.g. 50% of single-family houses have been refurbished to EnEv2016 standard.

Technical information

Class PhysicsPreprocessor
Superclass WorkflowStepAssessment
Source location simstadt/src/main/java/eu/simstadt/workflowsteps/
Package eu.simstadt.workflowsteps
Project simstadt



Type assignment (buildingTypeStrategy)

Which strategy should be used in order to determine building type?

Currently available ones are for Germany (depending on building shape) and New-York City (depending on PLUTO attribute).

  • Type : BuildingTypeStrategy
  • Getter : getBuildingTypeStrategy()
  • Setter : setBuildingTypeStrategy(BuildingTypeStrategy)

Use an assessment scenario? (useScenario)

Should an assessment scenario be used?

If the CityGML file is incomplete or out-dated, a custom scenario can be defined, for example in order to specify:

  • In PhysicsPreprocessor: which percentage of buildings have been refurbished, depending on their building types (30% of single-family houses before 1995 to KfW55).

  • In SystemsPreprocessor: which HVAC system (e.g. pellet boiler or air-source heat-pump) has been installed.

  • Type : boolean
  • Default : false
  • Getter : isUseScenario()
  • Setter : setUseScenario(boolean)

Available libraries (libraries)

List of libraries which have been imported and are available.

Selection is done either via GUI or by setting selectedLibrary to the desired index.

  • Type : List
  • Default : [German Building Typology Library IWU, NYC Building Physics Library, Dutch Building Physics Library according to TABULA]
  • Getter : getLibraries()
  • Setter : setLibraries(List)

Selected Library (selectedLibrary)

Index (between 0 and n-1) for the desired library out of the list of available ones (libraries).

  • Type : int
  • Default : 0
  • Getter : getSelectedLibrary()
  • Setter : setSelectedLibrary(int)

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