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Refurbishment Scenario Maker


Lets the user define a refurbishment scenario :

  • Should buildings be left as is? ("Status quo")
  • How many buildings per year should be refurbished?
  • To which standard? (e.g. EnEV2016)
  • Depending on building usage? (e.g. residential)
  • Depending on building typology? (e.g. multi-family house)
  • Should they be picked randomly or should the oldest/less efficient be refurbished first?

The refurbishment will be applied before further processing (e.g. MonthlyEnergyBalance).

Technical information

Class RefurbishmentScenarioMaker
Superclass WorkflowStepWithSimStadtGraphics
Source location simstadt/src/main/java/eu/simstadt/workflowsteps/
Package eu.simstadt.workflowsteps
Project simstadt



Available strategies (strategies)

List of strategies which have been defined and are available

Selection is done either via GUI or by setting selectedLibrary to the desired index.

  • Type : List
  • Default : [Status quo]
  • Getter : getStrategies()
  • Setter : setStrategies(List)

Selected Library (selectedStrategy)

Index (between 0 and n-1) for the desired strategy out of the list of available ones (strategies).

  • Type : int
  • Default : 0
  • Getter : getSelectedStrategy()
  • Setter : setSelectedStrategy(int)

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