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Usage Preprocessor


  • Defines usage zones (e.g. residential, office, ...) according to building function.
  • Loads either the default building usage library or a custom one, created with UsageLibraryEditor
  • Defines occupancy density, internal gains, set point temperatures, domestic hot water consumption and ventilation according to usage types.
  • Custom building function codes can be defined in "AlkisCodes.xml".
  • If building function is unknown, "residential" can be assumed.
  • For German residential buildings, number of households and occupants are guesstimated.
  • Buildings for which are building function is unknown are discarded.

Technical information

Class UsagePreprocessor
Superclass WorkflowStepWithSimStadtGraphics
Source location simstadt/src/main/java/eu/simstadt/workflowsteps/
Package eu.simstadt.workflowsteps
Project simstadt



Use 'AlkisCodes.xml'? (useAlkisCodesXml)

Custom building function codes can be used and specified in a 'AlkisCodes.xml' file, located in the same folder as the CityGML file.

The translated codes should be known by the building usage library.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

<codes xmlns:buLib="" xmlns="">


  <code from="1113" to="3013"/> <!-- Post -->

  <code from="1134" to="3034"/> <!-- Museum -->

  • Type : boolean
  • Default : false
  • Getter : isUseAlkisCodesXml()
  • Setter : setUseAlkisCodesXml(boolean)

Assume residential if unknown? (assumeResidentialIfUnknown)

If a building does not have any "buildingFunction" attribute defined, should it be considered to be a residential building?

If this parameter is not selected, buildings without "buildingFunction" attribute will be discarded.

  • Type : boolean
  • Default : false
  • Getter : isAssumeResidentialIfUnknown()
  • Setter : setAssumeResidentialIfUnknown(boolean)

Available libraries (libraries)

List of libraries which have been imported and are available.

Selection is done either via GUI or by setting selectedLibrary to the desired index.

  • Type : List
  • Default : [Building Usage Library]
  • Getter : getLibraries()
  • Setter : setLibraries(List)

Selected Library (selectedLibrary)

Index (between 0 and n-1) for the desired library out of the list of available ones (libraries).

  • Type : int
  • Default : 0
  • Getter : getSelectedLibrary()
  • Setter : setSelectedLibrary(int)

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